Affiliated Faculty

The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies frequently collaborates with other Centers and faculty in the School of Arts and Humanities on events and other projects.

Dr. Charles Bambach, Modern Philosophy

Dr. Xtine Burrough, Design & Technology, Emerging Media Art

Dr. Sean Cotter, Literature & Translation

Dr. Katherine Davies, Philosophy of Genocides; Feminist Theory; Ethics

Dr. Anne Gray Fisher, Human Rights

Dr. Magdalena Grohman, Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology

Dr. Ming Dong Gu

Prof. Michele Hanlon, Dance

Dr. S. Deborah Kang, Anne Stark Watson and Chester Watson History Professor

Dr. Dennis M. Kratz, Center for Asian Studies

Dr. Enric Madriguera, Music

Prof. Roxanne Minnish, Communication & Culture, Design & Technology

Dr. Jessica Murphy, Early Modern History

Dr. Jonathan Palant, Visiting Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities

Dr. Peter Park, Professor Emeritus, German Philosophy

Dr. Monica RankinThe Center for US-Latin America Initiatives (CUSLAI)

Dr. Rainer Schulte, The Center for Translation Studies

Dr. Gerald Soliday, Professor Emeritus, German History

Dr. Whitney Stewart, Historical Studies

Dr. Shilyh Warren, Film Studies

Prof. Sharon Yang, Center for Asian Studies