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Cynthia Seton-Rogers (PhD Student, History of Ideas) presented at two international conferences this summer. She presented the paper “Rethinking Identity: Sephardic Jews during the Diaspora” at the 26th International Conference of Europeanists at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain. This conference is organized by the Council for European Studies at Columbia University. She then presented the paper “The Sephardim in the Age of Exploration and the Building of Empires” at the 9th Annual Conference of the Society for Sephardic Studies at The University of Lisbon in Portugal.

Sarah Snyder (PhD Candidate, History of Ideas) participated in the Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellowship in which ten graduate students and four professors focusing on Holocaust Studies traveled to Poland for three weeks to visit Holocaust remembrance sites, interact with others in the field, meet Jewish leaders in Poland, and participate in academic discussions.

Recent graduates from the Holocaust Studies Program:

Chrissy Stanford (MA in Humanities – History of Ideas)
Stanford successfully earned her MA and Certificate in Holocaust Studies in the Spring of 2019. She will continue as a PhD student in History of Ideas beginning Fall 2019. Her research interests include the history of Polish Jewry during the Holocaust and Holocaust iconography in popular culture.

Scott Swartsfager (PhD in Humanities – History of Ideas)
Recipient of the Selwin Belofsky Fellowship in Holocaust Studies
Dr. Swartsfager specializes in Intellectual History and the Holocaust in the Netherlands. In the Spring of 2019, he successfully defended his dissertation titled Promoting Normal: Jewish Culture in Occupied Amsterdam.

Sarah R. Valente (PhD in Humanities – History of Ideas)
Recipient of the Selwin Belofsky Fellowship in Holocaust Studies
Dr. Valente successfully defended her dissertation Holocaust Aftermath and Memory in Brazil and specializes in Latin American Jewish history, literature, and translation, as well as Holocaust Studies. Dr. Valente is now serving as Visiting Assistant Professor at UT Dallas, where she teaches history and literature courses on the Holocaust, Human Rights, and Latin American dictatorships.

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